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Snow Removal


The Association will secure services to plow all the Bird Lanes (Wren, Lark, Robin and Oriole) during winter months, as needed. The Association will also secure services to remove snow from all stairways as required by the Association’s By-Laws. The Board may secure services to assist homeowners in removing snow from walkways and paths, but ultimate responsibility for snow removal from the walkways and paths lies with the individual homeowner(s).

Lot owners are also responsible for shoveling snow from their designated parking spaces in the Common Areas, including snow that cannot be accessed by a plow (e.g. the space between parked cars). If Lot owners, their residents, or one of their visitors are using a visitor's spot, the Lot owner is responsible for removing the snow from that spot.

Shoveled snow must not be deposited in the street as this snow may not be plowed by the secured services and will create a road hazard. Deposit shoveled snow within owned Lots. For example, a resident should deposit snow in their yard where pedestrians and other residents do not walk. This deposited snow will generally melt into the grassy areas during thaws.

If you believe a hazard exists due to the lack of snow removal or the method in which the snow is moved, please contact the Scenic Ridge Board of Directors immediately at

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