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Parking Lot



Parking signs have been installed on the “Bird Lanes” (Robin, Wren, Lark and Oriole) and Scenic Ridge has licensed a towing company to enforce the documented parking rules.

Robin Lane Residents: During the months where snow is falling, the South spaces allocated to Units 24 and 26 must be used for snow piling by the plowing service. Units 24 and 26 will be allocated the Visitors’ spots during these months and have the same rights to those spaces as other spaces dedicated to units for the entire year. Units 24 and 26 will not be allowed to park in the South spaces during the months when snow is falling.

During the non-snowing months, the North Visitor spots will be treated as standard Visitor spaces and be subject to the same rules as standard Visitor spaces. Units 24 and 26 will be allocated the South spaces and allowed to park there.

Note that red marks on the maps indicate NO PARKING areas. View the maps below:


Please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Units with garages or driveways are not authorized to use the designated parking spaces. They may only use the Visitors’ Parking spaces on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • All two-bedroom units have been designated two parking spaces in the Common Areas. The owners of the lots associated with the designations may allow others to park in them as they please. The lot owner must understand that they will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the documented parking rules. If you already have an understanding of the parking spaces with your neighbors, please continue with that understanding. In the event there is a dispute, these documented rules may be used to resolve those disputes.

  • Make sure to inform your visitors of the parking rules before they arrive.

  • If you follow these rules, your cars and your visitors’ cars will not be towed.

Please read the included rules carefully and thoroughly.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in helping us abide by these rules.


The following are general DOs and DON'Ts when parking:




  • Respect your neighbors. 

  • Inform your visitors of the parking rules before they come to visit so they can avoid an unpleasant towing experience.

  • If you find a neighbor is not following these rules, kindly remind them to do so. 

  • Knock on a few doors to find the owner of the vehicle not following the parking rules before you take action by contacting the Board's central number.

  • Park completely in your assigned spots. If you have a garage, your first spot is your garage; your second spot is your driveway. Do not park your car partially in the street.

  • We encourage the neighborly agreement on sharing spots. If you have no garage, you are designated two spots. You may do with them as you please (e.g. swap them with neighbors who may have more cars than yourself), within the documented rules.

  • Make sure any parked car has ample room to enter and leave their spots and has full access to the roadways.




  • Park in undesignated areas. If the spot is not numbered or designated as a visitor's space in the parking maps, your car is subject to towing.

  • Argue with neighbors. The rules are simple; if they are being followed, you and your visitors will have no worry of being towed.

  • Contact Board members directly or at unreasonable hours to resolve disputes. Cool off for the night, park in a visitor's spot, and address the issue in the morning.

  • Park in front of your driveway. You are creating a road hazard for emergency vehicles and are parked on Common Area (within the Bird Lanes' pavement), which violates Scenic Ridge regulations. These regulations can then be enforced through the use of towing or other necessary measures.

  • Park partially in the street and your driveway. This creates a hazard for both residents and emergency vehicles. Your vehicle will be towed.

As per the included parking maps, parking spaces are provided only for those units without garages. Please refer to the parking maps for reference: Amber Drive is a public street and is governed by Croton-on-Hudson Village Law. The Village of Croton-on-Hudson enforces parking restrictions on Amber Drive throughout the year. All vehicles using the designated parking areas or otherwise on the Scenic Ridge grounds must possess valid license plates, a current and proper governmental registration, and must be in operable condition. All residents are to abide by a ten (10) mile per hour (mph) speed limit on the Bird Lanes. Reckless driving is hazardous to all and will not be tolerated. The Village of Croton-on-Hudson enforces the speed limit laws on Amber Drive. Cars must be parked in the correct direction in relation to the side of the street on which they are parked on both Amber Drive and the Bird Lanes. The Scenic Ridge Homeowners’ Association holds title to the Common Areas and grants the Association members without garages the right to park in the designated spaces. The owners of homes built on Lots without their own garage are exclusively allowed to park in the Common Area parking spaces and have an easement for the right to use “one” designated parking space according to the Declaration. The Board has exercised its right to “promulgate reasonable parking rules and conditions” in designating parking spaces in conformance with the rule stating that “All other parking in the parking areas shall be for the exclusive use of the owners of homes built on Lots without their own garage, their guests, licensees and invitees.” The Board is designating the residual spaces individually to the two bedroom Lots, but is also designating spots for use by ALL visitors on a first-come, first-serve basis. Under no circumstances will vehicles belonging to visitors (including relatives) be allowed to park in the visitors' parking areas except while visiting. Parking by visitors is limited to seven consecutive days in any given month. No visitors or relatives are allowed to park beyond the seven days unless given written permission by the Board of Directors. The Scenic Ridge Board of Directors reserves the right to enforce parking rules on the Bird Lane Common Area roadways (Wren, Lark, Robin, and Oriole) through the use of a third-party towing service that will tow at the car owner's expense. The Board will authorize the car towing service to conduct surprise inspections of the Bird Lanes throughout the week and will be authorized to tow parking rule violators (those cars not parked in designated spaces or that block access to emergency vehicles). The Scenic Ridge Homeowners' Association shall not be liable for any damages incurred by such towing, either to the violator's vehicle or otherwise. Owners shall pay the cost of such damages. As defined in the Scenic Ridge Homeowners’ Association By-Laws, Article VIII, Powers and Duties of The Board Of Directors, Section 1, “Powers: The Board of Directors shall have power to: adopt and publish rules and regulations governing the use of the Common Area and recreational facilities and the personal conduct of the members and their guests thereon and to establish penalties for the infraction thereof.” The Scenic Ridge Board will not become the Parking police; so, do not contact them regularly or directly to resolve parking disputes. If you know of regular parking infractions, notify the Board in writing, in addition to contacting us via the main phone number, and surprise inspections may become more directed towards the problem areas. If you have a disagreement with other residents, the matter should be resolved through direct and friendly discussion. If this does not solve the problem, reference to the parking maps should be used or you must bring the issue to the Board's attention in writing for resolution. Please keep in mind, as noted above, Amber Drive is not under the Board’s jurisdiction as the Village o0f Croton-on-Hudson governs it. We encourage the cooperation of neighbors in using their designated spaces and allowing others to use spaces that they leave vacant. The parking map is meant to be a means of resolution in the event of a parking dispute. If there are "understood" parking spaces, we encourage that level of amity as long as all involved parties are in agreement. Washing and repairing vehicles is prohibited on the Scenic Ridge property. Furthermore, owners are liable for damages to the pavement where oil leaks cause the deterioration of blacktop or other damages that may occur. Commercial and recreational vehicles are not allowed to park within the Scenic Ridge boundaries. Furthermore, no travel trailers, boats, campers, motor homes, or pick-up trucks are to be parked in any roadway, designated, or visitors' parking spaces. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a pick-up truck is permitted if it has a cap over the rear area, passenger license plates, and contains no commercial writing or advertising. Below are the Parking Rules defined in the Scenic Ridge Homeowners' Association Declaration: Article IV Property Rights Section 3. Title to the Common Area. The Declarant hereby covenants for itself, its successors and assigns, that it will convey fee simple title to the Common Areas to the Association free and clear of all mortgages, liens and encumbrances except such encumbrances and conditions as are set forth in this Declaration, on the Subdivision Map and such other encumbrances and conditions as are set forth on Schedule A annexed hereto and further, except that Declarant expressly reserves the right to grant easements to public authorities and/or to utilities, public or private. Declarant hereby further covenants that it will convey title to the Association prior to or simultaneously with the conveyance of title to a Lot. Declarant hereby reserves the right, for so long as it owns one or more Lots in the Properties, to use part or all of the Common Areas to permit inspection of the Common Areas by prospective purchasers and hereby grants easements and rights-of-way through, over, upon and across the Common Areas to itself for the completion of the construction on the Common Areas and the Lots. The Association shall not transfer or lease the Common Areas without the prior written consent of any Institutional Lender holding mortgages on 25% or more of the Lots, provided such consent is not unreasonably withheld or delayed. Section 4. Parking. Parts of the Common area are to be designated as parking areas. The owners of homes built on Lots without their own garage shall park in such parking areas and shall have an easement for the exclusive right to use one designated parking space. All other parking in the parking areas shall be for the exclusive use of the owners of homes built on Lots without their own garage, their guests, licensees and invitees. In the case of a Lot containing a garage and which has a driveway that extends over and encroaches upon the Common Area, the owners of such Lots are hereby granted an easement for ingress and egress over the paved driveway to the garage, and the exclusive right to park an automobile on the twenty (20) feet of driveway beginning at the entrance to the garage, said easement being over so much of said twenty (20) feet as extends onto the Common Area for such parking purpose. The Association shall maintain the four Lanes and parking areas on the Common Area and shall have the right to promulgate reasonable parking rules and conditions. The Owner of a unit without a garage who has a designated parking space shall be responsible for clearing snow from his own parking space and shall be responsible for shoveling a parking space utilized by himself, a member of his family, guest, licensee or invitee.

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