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Unless otherwise noted, for any infraction of the guidelines listed in the PDF below, you will first receive a warning letter. Second, you will receive another, more serious letter. Third, you will be fined until the matter is resolved. Finally, we will either repair the item directly and charge you for all associated costs OR take legal action against you to remedy the violation.


Costs to be billed directly to you as part of your annual assessment can include, but are not limited to service fees, materials, fines, legal fees, administrative efforts and other associated remediation costs. If you do not comply with the guidelines by the date specified in the warning letter(s) (if applicable), as noted above, the Board reserves the right to remedy the issue on its own (including entering your property as per the Declaration and By-Laws) and charge the homeowner directly as part of their annual assessment for all associated costs.


In all cases, fines will increase and be added to the existing fines at the Board’s discretion as time elapses if unresolved by the homeowner/resident.

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